In between the creation of P90X and P90X 2 Tony Horton designed a compilation of exercise videos called P90X One on One. Given that I accomplished P90X, this set is a fantastic way to add variety by mixing up my exercise routines. As a result, I am capable of remain motivated with my routines and push myself to new levels in conjunction with my enhanced eating plan.,While there are several training videos in the P90X One on One series, this post will be highlighting solely the “4 Legs” workout or “One On One On One Leg For Legs” as Tony calls it. I was really thrilled for getting this video since I read that every one of the moves included in this 50 minute training session was to be completed on a single leg at one time. As a person who has received complete ACL reconstruction, my right leg is actually more powerful compared to my left. This is challenging when doing leg activities because I fell that my healthier leg just gets stronger because I count on it to complete the majority of the work. In addition, not a whole lot gear was essential to complete this workout. In fact you only need floor area, a wall, and a coffee table or stool that’s shorter than knee-height.,The exercise routine begins with Tony warming up as his typical happy self. There is sufficient of ballistic, dynamic, and static stretches to make sure that the entire body is properly warmed up before starting the workout sequence. The workout is comprised of 10 moves with all the emphasis being that every one moves are performed one leg at one time. This important because as you are following along with the routine you will need to truly focus on stabilizing your core muscles to assist you from falling over. In fact Tony penalizes himself through the video and at the end of the routine does a push-up for each time that he stumbled or fell over while doing the workouts.,If you are a veteran of P90X and nervous that Tony is probably repackaging exactly the same moves from his Legs and Back exercise routine in P90X. Don’t be concerned. Although some of the moves resemble P90X such as the single leg wall squats, there is certainly enough new moves to help you feel glad you ordered this program.,Another great reason to get this system is that the workout can be considered “functional fitness.” Functional fitness implies that you will be training your muscles to be effective together to perform movements that you would do at your home, work, or maybe in sports. The seat drops are a perfect example of this. Tony motivates you to carry out 10 per leg and then make the exercise more or less difficult depending on how low the chair, coffee table, or stool is that you are selecting. With your non-standing leg strait in front of you, you must lower yourself until your backside touches the chair. And then you need to employ your muscles when you stand back up on the individual leg to the starting posture.,As someone who coaches cross county and soccer in addition to operating bootcamps and training groups, there are a variety of movements which I have already included in our workouts. Considering that variety is the spice of life, this video makes a fantastic way to obtain a leg workout by which you avoid getting bored with the same old moves (leg squats, lunges, and so forth.)

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