If you are anything like me, time is always something that you seem to be short of. Knowing this, when I want to know how to gain muscles quickly I look for the most effective exercises that I can. Finishing each workout but never feeling that your movements were productive even though you thought this was how to gain muscles fast, will surely get you feeling a bit down.,Let’s avoid wasting our time but instead learn some of the best exercises that will show you how to gain muscles fast. This way there are no questions when it comes to your next workout.,Leg Squats,If you are looking for an extremely effective exercise that will very rapidly show you how to gain muscles quickly, try squats. These are awesome exercises to build lots of muscle because it is very anabolic in its nature. It uses quite a few different muscle fibers and you can max out the weights as much as you want.,Leg squats focus on the glutes, quads, hamstrings and even your core set of muscles. You are also exercising your upper body during this exercise as a result of the bar that you are holding across your shoulders. For the biggest gains, add these exercises into each of your lower body workouts.,Deadlifts,So the next exercise that should be on your list of how to gain muscles fast is the exercise we call the deadlift. Similar to squats, these exercises focus mainly on the glutes and the hamstrings. Want a tighter “butt”, these are the exercises for you.,To do this exercise properly, you need to concentrate on squeezing your glutes throughout the full range of movement. This will allow you to target the proper muscles.,Bench Press,So the next exercise on the list that will have your upper body screaming “WOW” is the standard bench press. Muscles that will be targeted during this exercise are the chest, shoulders, triceps and even to a lesser extent the biceps.,It’s one of the primary strength builders that you should be doing to both get larger as well as get stronger. Worried about getting tired of doing the standard bench press? No problem, just switch it out for one its variations; the incline, decline, close grip and wide grip bench press.,Every time you modify an exercise, slightly different muscles are targeted, thus it is with the bench press variations. Use these variations and stay away from the any progress plateaus.,Bent Over Rows,So last but not least on our list is another upper body exercise; the bent over row. Want to make them even more effective? Do them in conjunction with your bench press workout.,This is a really good power building exercise for the back and the biceps, which uses either a barbell or a dumbbell. If you want the maximum benefits though, you should probably use the barbell. One important note on form though; this exercise is a great way to learn how to gain muscles fast but remember to keep your back flat throughout the entire movement. This ensures you reduce the risk of lower back pain.,So there you have 4 powerful exercises that you can now add into your workouts when learning how to gain muscles quickly. Want really great results, then don’t leave these exercises out of your workouts.

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