Weight loss surgery is something that more and more Americans are turning to. The US is currently the fattest nation in the world and something has to be done about it. That’s where weight loss procedures come in. But when it comes to these sorts of surgeries there are also a number of recovery options available, and it’s these that must be taken into account.,Main Types of Surgery,• Lap Band,• Duodenal Switch,• Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass,• Sleeve Gastrectomy,The Principles of Weight Loss Surgery,The principles of weight loss surgery are either reduction or bypassing. Reduction is the principle of reducing the size of the stomach. If the size of the stomach is reduced then that means it can hold less food and take in fewer calories. If it can do this then it will stop the person from eating as they will feel full much faster. That means they will be physically stopped from consuming more. Over time the stomach increases as surgery recovery commences, but not so much as to jeopardize the benefits that are gained from this.,Bypassing is another method that cuts down on consumption as it completely bypasses parts of the digestive system. This means that the energy and the calories are going directly into the digestive system and are not just sitting around doing nothing. It will cause the feeling of fullness to come much faster, and that’s why those who undergo a surgery involving a bypass will find that they will lose weight.,Surgery Recovery,When it comes to one’s recovery options much of them is just a case of waiting. Immediately after surgery there will almost certainly be some minor pain. This minor pain means will continue for a few days, however it will disappear after a while. Painkillers can be employed to help dull the throbbing.,Invasive procedures will generally involve a few days stay in a hospital with an extra few months to resume all normal activities. In many cases, a drip inserted directly into the body may need to be used to get those important nutrients into the body. The reason a drip is used is because the digestive system will most likely be too fragile to resume its normal function for the moment.,As for diet, this will vary depending on the procedure. It really depends on how invasive the procedure was and the type of procedure used. In the case of invasive surgeries the drip, as already mentioned, will be employed for the first few days. After this it will come down to liquid foods with a small amount of solids. Lap bands decrease the stomach size by so much that liquid food is the only way to actually eat as initially the pouch will be about the size of a walnut. Over time, as the body recovers, more and more solid foods will be implemented into the diet to help with recovery after weight loss surgery.

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