Most people are ignorant why there is so much cancer now and because of our ignorance we have to rely on our health care providers, which are our doctors for information so we can make decisions on our treatment options. Unfortunately many of the facts about cancer and its treatments in use today are not true and that’s why so many people are not surviving.,We have been educated to believe that our modern Western Health Care system is the most advanced health care system and that’s the reason we are all enjoying an increase in life expectancy. What we don’t realize is, this system works well for someone who’s had an accident; but it is not the same for someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer. We have been kept ignorant about cancer, especially factors that cause it so we all falsely believe that our modern medical system is the only way to overcome it.,While our doctors are very good at diagnosing cancer with their sophisticated diagnostic machines such as MRI and CAT scans, they are not very good at informing someone of the reasons why it suddenly appeared. That makes a person an easy victim to submit to their treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.,Of course money as usual plays a big part in the choice of treatments for cancer and that is why you will only be offered the 3 ways to remove the growths. Any thing that can’t return a profit won’t be offered and anything that’s alternative or natural which no one can gain from will be criticised or labelled as quackery. Profit is of course the most important part of our mainstream treatments today.,People today are dying, not from cancer but from the treatments themselves. Chemotherapy and radiation destroys body cells indiscriminately, both good ones and bad cells. Chemotherapy is a poison and an expensive one and it also harms the immune system. The strength of the immune system is the most important factor in fighting cancer and it needs to be nurtured, not destroyed,What you need to know is that when cancer appears it has appeared for a reason and that reason is because we don’t have cancer prevention now days and it’s plainly obvious that many of the ways we now live and the products we use cause the problem. It’s our wrong food choices, the chemicals we are using, along with our sedentary lifestyle that is mainly at fault. Supermarkets and processed foods are without doubt the biggest contributors to cancer.,What someone needs to focus on is the reasons why it first appeared and by removing those reasons, that will allow the body to heal itself naturally and safely. It works for all cancers, even advanced and it works for everyone but no one can profit from it.,What you will not be told is that the current success rate for cancer using orthodox treatments is only 3 percent whereas those few doctors who are using alternative or natural ways to treat cancer, can have up to a 90 percent cure rate. The reason being they are treating and correcting why it first grew and of course by doing that it’s never going to spread or return again which is important.,Curing cancer means removing the reasons why it first grew because if you don’t, it will only come back and that’s when it becomes deadly.

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