We have an epidemic at present, especially in western developed countries and it’s call cancer. The sad reason why someone dies of the disease is because most medical doctors rarely acknowledges the root cause of the problem but instead only focus on trying to remove symptoms. Treating symptoms seldom produce a cure and that’s why nearly 7.6 million people world wide are dying of the disease every year. There is more to curing cancer than just removing the growth.,When someone is first diagnosed with cancer they are in shock and that make them easy victims to submit to the current treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Over the years there have been many false claims about the disease and these false claims are designed to keep everybody ignorant, which makes us believe our orthodox system of treatments is the only way to solve the problem.,A cancer growth anywhere in the body is only a sign from the body that something is wrong so removing just the growth won’t stop it from spreading to other areas. When a cancer growth appears it’s telling you that you are doing something wrong so it’s time to make some changes, especially with your choice of food. Despite what we are told, all cancers are self caused and will spread if you don’t remove the reasons why it first grew.,What we see today is toxic treatments which damages the body and further weakens the immune system which worsens the condition, and doesn’t deal with the reason why the cancer grew in the first place. All cancers are a result of an immune system that’s been weakened, so depressing the immune system further with these harsh treatments doesn’t make a lot of sense. The key to success is to strengthen the immune system and there are only common sense solutions to achieve that.,Money of course plays a big part in the 3 treatments in use now days and they’re all good at returning a profit whereas no one can make money out of dealing with the reasons why a cancer growth first appeared. While our medical system is very good at diagnosing the problem their treatments are ineffective and won’t stop it spreading. A growth that has shifted or metastasis to another location then becomes dangerous.,We all have a repair system called the immune system which keeps us healthy and it’s only because this system had been weakened through factors relating to modern living, which has allowed these foreign cells to develop and form tumour growths at some weak point in the body. So common sense should tell you that your first priority is to make changes to allow your immune system to strengthen again.,There is only one way to heal the body of cancer permanently and that is to stop doing the things that has caused it and start doing things that heal it. Doesn’t that make sense? We live in a money orientated world and no one can profit from natural ways to cure cancer so that’s why you won’t be told about them.,Natural ways means a diet of food in its natural state, instead of a diet of highly processed foods we are now consuming.

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