Your diet has a major effect on your physique. The biggest problem concerning young individuals about obesity is that it affects the aesthetic appeal of the individual. A fat person looks unsightly as compared to a lean, smart individual. Obesity has other serious negative effects on the health too, pertaining to the inner systems of the person. An obese individual has greater chances of suffering from serious health conditions, like heart issues, high cholesterol levels, or severe breathing problems.,Since life is becoming so fast these days, even eating habits are taking a turn. People do not opt for cooking meals after getting home from work; they would rather just eat out or grab a burger or other such fast foods on their way home. These foods are unhealthy and just put on weight, due to the high amount of empty calories they withhold. These calories are turned into fat once taken in the body. They do not generate energy, but are stored under the skin as fats. A healthy diet and regular exercise is essential to keep an individual fit and in good shape.,Meat has been shown to have adverse effects on health, if taken in regularly. However, white meat such a fish is healthy, and also helps in lowering cholesterol levels, due to the Omega 3 fatty acids it contains. There are various types of diet plans available for the obese. If a person is on an ‘Anabolic Diet’, he should make sure that:,These are foods that are essential even if a person is not on an anabolic diet. A regular diet to prevent obesity would also classify these points as essential.,Other foods that need to be avoided strictly for weight loss, are, carbonated drinks or soda, coffee, alcohol, snacks like chips, bakery items, cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolates and candies. Coffee causes weight gain because it increases food cravings and stress. Whole grain foods should be chosen at the grocery store, and labels should be read before purchasing, to see that there are minimal or no sugary ingredients in the product.,Coffee can be alternated with green tea. Some people need the caffeine at work to keep them afresh, but they can consume green tea instead, which would contribute to the fat reduction process in the body. Green tea also contains anti-oxidants, which help prevent from cancer, and are anti-ageing components.,Salt and sugar should be avoided for weight control, as they are both elements that can produce a gain in weight. Processed foods should also be bought as little as possible; always opt for natural foods, to avoid the sugar and corn syrup and hydrogenated oils that the processed food may contain. Other food items that need to be strictly avoided are:,• Ice creams,• Candies,• Sodas, cold drinks, juices,• Cakes,• Fried food,• Salted nuts,• Table sugar,• French fries and burgers,• Canned fruits,• Biscuits, potato chips and cookies,• Chocolates and chocolate dishes,• Pies and desserts,A bit of discipline into the daily eating habits would help in cutting down fats from the body, as well as keeping it fit and healthy. If all the extra calories are cut down from the daily food intake, a well-shaped physique which is more appealing and healthy may be attained. Keeping an empty stomach is not the solution, but the selection of the right food at the right time, is the best way to keep up in good shape.

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