Biotin is a great supplement for helping thicken weak fingernails, hair and give you a lovely complexion.,Sometimes known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, it is actually a B-complex vitamin. It will help the body with new cell growth, and help with the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates; it does this by converting them into energy.,There have been trials conducted on the benefits of biotin. A group of women had the thickness of their fingernails recorded; they were then put on a course of biotin for six to fifteen months. During this time there was around 25% thickness in their fingernails.,Having a deficiency can lead to many health problems such as; hair loss, muscle pain, depression skin inflammation, thinning hair and loss of appetite, to name just a few.,It is very rare to have a deficiency in vitamin H, unless you are an alcoholic. Alcohol inhibits the absorption of this particular vitamin and all the other B vitamins. Some medications may also cause a deficiency, if you are on any medications you may want to check this out with your doctor.,Before coming to the conclusion that you have a deficiency in biotin, you may want to get this checked out first by your doctor, or just include more sources of biotin into your diet. You will find this vitamin in; cheese, egg yolk, liver, spinach, salmon, tomatoes, carrots, onions, cucumber, yeast, nuts, mushrooms, chicken breasts, milk and cabbage.,Be careful if you are consuming raw egg whites, as this can interfere with the absorption of biotin too.,During the 1940’s this particular vitamin was discovered when it was noticed that is was helping make horses and pig hooves stronger. Since then it has been widely recognised as an important vitamin to help people with weak, peeling fingernails.,Taking a biotin supplement, the recommended amount is 1 by 300mcg a day, although you can take up to 2 supplements daily without any problems, they are not known to produce any side effects. Take 1 or 2 depending on how weak your nails and hair is.,It usually takes a few months before you will notice a difference in the thickness of your fingernails, and it is often recommended to take it with a vitamin C supplements as well.,Eat more foods containing this wonderful vitamin and take a supplement for the added health benefits of biotin.

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