I’m too fat, really?,I don’t want to train in front of others, so why not at home?,I just don’t have the time, you can’t find thirty minutes?,It’s too expensive, walking is free!!,I’m too fat, really?,These are only a few of the most common excuses people give me when we start to talk about training, and yes they are that just excuses. I know how it feels trust me, I was an obese guy. I used all the classics to try to avoid training, and even now sometimes it does get hard to get out of bed for those early gym sessions. But not training and not getting out of bed are the biggest mistakes I have ever made.,The truth of it is yes sometimes it’s hard, yes you may have to get up early, yes it could be raining or cold, but all of these things are far outweighed by the benefits you WILL receive from exercise. Now when I talk about training I’m not talking about heavy weights, or triathlons. What I’m talking about is physical activity, you could do something as simple as walk to the shops instead of drive, take the stairs not the escalator, all the little things can and will make a difference to the state of our bodies well being.,I’ll bet you didn’t know that on average people that have sedentary lifestyles will lose around 30% of their overall strength between the ages of 50 and 70. Now you may say “No problems I got plenty of time”, my response regardless of age “Why put off till later what you can do NOW”. We all know that with age and obesity comes higher risks of health issues, this is no secret. But if we take action right now, today, we can significantly reduce our vulnerability to being struck with these health issues. Diabetes (type 2), osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, muscle atrophy, we can help to reduce the risk of developing these health problems by doing something very simple,EXERCISE,I have a client story I would like to share. Now this particular lady was overweight, has a sedentary lifestyle, blood pressure problems, and was in her words “Unfit as Hell”. For this client we changed eating habits, now this client actually ended up eating more BUT it was all healthier choices. From there we introduced exercise three times per week for half hour to forty five minutes of walking, that’s all just walking. Now this client has had a steady decrease in weight every single week since she started exercising, but more importantly from the simple and easy changes we made for her, she no longer requires blood pressure medication.,My message from all this and the one piece of advice I can and do offer everyone,,Use your excuses whatever they maybe BUT use them as fuel!!!,Take out some paper and write down every excuse you can think of why you shouldn’t start exercising right away. Now take up that paper rip it up into the smallest pieces you can manage and throw it away. The next step is the easiest, try some exercise. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or at a gym, or with a personal trainer, just simple little activities that work around your everyday life can make all the difference.,For the next two weeks I want you to try two things,,Number 1 – Walk three times per week for at least half an hour, at a pace where you will work up a sweat.,Number 2 – Drink water, 2 to 3 litres per day at a minimum. Stay away from the bubbles (Soft Drink).,Try these few tips, what have you got to lose. By the end of your second week I’ll bet you will be saying “Gee I have more energy”, “I just feel better”, or you could look down at the scales and say “What the, I’m sure I was heavier than that.,I’ll leave you with a quote that I have only recently heard but have adopted it into my own training,Today I Will Do what others WON’T, so tomorrow I can do what others CAN’T.

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