Dr Brian Wolfowitz is a cosmetic surgeon based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He specialises in cosmetic and reconstructive nose surgery, having performed thousands of rhinoplasty operations on patients from five continents, over a period of three decades.,Dr Wolfowitz is a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, as well as an Emeritus member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.,Dr Wolfowitz is skilled in both the cosmetic and functional aspects of nasal reconstruction. Septoplasty aims to straighten the partition between the two sides of the nasal cavity, in order to improve the airway. The function and structure of the nasal sinuses is also optimised in every rhinoplasty procedure.,His philosophy is to create the most beautiful and natural nose that will suit a particular face, while retaining ethnic and personal characteristics. The nose is not only a dominant feature of beauty in the face but an organ of function. Every nasal surgery performed by Dr Wolfowitz ensures that the primary function of the nasal airway and sinuses is optimally maintained.,The aim of Dr Wolfowitz is not to reach perfection, but rather to create beautiful and natural noses that will perfectly suit a particular face shape. In each case the utmost care is taken to retain one’s ethnic and personal characteristics.,The surgery is usually performed endonasally – that is internally – without any external incisions. The average time for the nasal reconstruction operation is one hour, fifteen minutes and it is performed under either general or local anaesthetic. Nasal plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) is achieved by altering the shape and size of the supporting structures of the nose, such as cartilage and bone. Nasal reconstruction surgery cannot change skin that is inherently thick and oily – such skin limits the amount of correction that can be achieved.,Those who are intending to complete nasal reconstructive surgery should remember there is a limit to the corrective procedures possible or recommended. Some of the limiting factors in rhinoplasty are:,• The contour and shape of the patients face,• The texture and thickness of the patients skin,• The inclination of the chin, lip and forehead,• The depth and angle between the forehead and the nose,• The height of the individual and the healing powers of the tissue.,The optimal performance and primary function of the nasal airway and sinuses is ensured in every nasal surgery performed by Dr Brian Wolfowitz. Further information on what to expect from the rhinoplasty procedure, as well as what to expect from the post-op-procedure and follow up care are explained in more detail on Dr Brian Wolfowitz website.

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