These days you are always hearing health related stories about weight loss or the newest exercise fad. Why buy into any of these? They are always going to be changing and something new is always going to come out. You could save some money and solve all your health problems just by doing one activity and sticking to it. No, I am not talking about purchasing a treadmill. Treadmills, at least for me, are always so boring; you’re completely stationary other then the occasional up and downs. Plus, you get that weird “off-balance” kind of feel after you stop. Then there is always the occasional tripping while the machine is going. Why not give something else a try? Why not try road biking?,Road biking offers several benefits and let me tell you, they definitely can improve your physical and mental health. First, by road biking you are leaving the confines of your home and pushing yourself out into the world of fresh air and beautiful scenery. They say that the air outside is better than the air inside your home, granted if you live in a smog infested city, this may be arguable, but you can still get away to somewhere fresh! This improves your physical health and it gives you a mental break from your everyday life. Second, you will be enjoying the outdoors so much; you will probably forget that you are actually working out. Road biking is very therapeutic and you will be so focused on your surrounding and getting to where you want to go that you will forget you are using all your muscles. I can promise you that the first few times you do go out, you will have some muscle soreness, but eventually like anything else out there, your body adjusts. Third, you are the navigator! So, you get to choose how long and where you go on your bike. Your bike doesn’t have a timer and then it turns off. Go as far or as close as you want to go. No one is going to ask if you’re almost done with that machine? I don’t know about you, but having the freedom to choose how long you work out and what you do is pretty important. At least on a road bike, I am in charge! Fourth, road Biking, although an activity best done outside, if need be, can be done in the comfort of your home with a bike trainer. No, not someone named Lance pushing you, but a special tool that attaches to your wheel where you can pedal in place. Yes, like a seated treadmill or bike that you would see at the gym. The main difference is this gives you the opportunity to practice using your gears and you still get a great workout. Plus, if there is bad weather or you don’t have the time you need to workout, you can still use your bike and trainer to get your workout in. All these things can help your mental and physical health, thereby creating a happier healthier you.,So the next time someone says, “Have you tried this new diet?” or “Have you tried this new workout?” Your response can be, “No, have you ever tried road biking?”

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