The question came up as to the safety of the salt we eat. Is there any chance of radiation contamination? Lets investigate Redmond Real Salt and see what the chances are of radiation contamination. We use this tasty organic salt everyday, and the company is literally right down the street, so I thought I would look into the matter.,Real Salt is mined by Redmond Trading in Southern Utah, and the product is organic sea salt. The salt comes from an old lake known as Lake Bonneville. Before any history was written this organic salt was formed. Real Salt is all natural, unlike the table salt we are used to. Real Salt is not refined in any way, it is just ground up and packaged just a natural salt was meant to be.,We have to look at the Nevada nuclear testing grounds and see if this would have any effect on our savory product. Two counties in Utah had some significant radiation fallout from the Nevada testing center. Further investigation shows that the Real Salt mine is approximately 125 miles away from the two counties in Utah that were effected, and approximately 300 miles away from the Nevada testing ground itself. the National Cancer Institute regards this as a safe distance and would not consider this hazardous.,300 feet below the surface is where the salt is located at the Redmond mining location. Shielding is extremely adequate from radiation fallout for our Real Salt. According to experts, levels of radiation are cut by 50% with only 3.6 inches of earth. Simple mathematics reveal that the radiation levels would be reduced by 50%, 83 times.,Time would be a function of radiation depreciation. Scientists use a 7-10 rule that reveals gamm radiation retains ten percent of its exposure after 7 times the length in time occurs. After 7 hours, ninty percent of the radiation would be gone, and after an additional 2 days the remaining ten percent is almost entirely gone. The last Nevada test was completed over 50 years ago.,Redmond Real Salt and it’s radiation exposure would have been very minimal, if at all. It would be nice if we could be 300 feet underground and 300 miles away of any nuclear explosion. Concerned with safety, Redmond did some evaluation testing on their real salt. Positive for radiation is what the test showed. It would take 8 pounds of Real Salt to equal the amount of radiation forund ion one quart of clean tap water. Conclusive evidence. Our experimental investigations of Real Salt conclude that it is safe.

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