At the time of fire, the first thing we do is try to call the fire brigade. Since fire brigade takes some time to reach the location, it will be foolish on our parts to keep waiting for it and not take any action at all. There are so many precautions which can be taken at the time of fire. If a person catches fire, do not try to pour water on him/her to stop the flames. The best way to stop combustion in this case is by wrapping that person in a blanket. If there is no blanket on the spot, then you should take the help of fire extinguisher. These extinguishers are located from place to place and are helpful in getting rid of fire. Once you put them on fire, it helps in removing flames instantly.,Not every building is equipped with these extinguishers. Only in a few places like offices, movie theaters etc… one can find them. People generally do not keep them in their houses because of children. But this is a very wrong decision on their part on not having this effective tool. Every household should have at least one of these extinguishers in case of emergency. In many places, you will come across a big red colored cylinder with a funnel on top that is attached with a black colored pipe. These cylinders are nothing else but fire extinguishers.,If you are planning to buy these extinguishers, then you will come across so many types, after some point it will get confusing. They are available with water, foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, halon and wet chemical. The best amongst these is the CO2 fire extinguisher. This is because at the time of combustion, carbon dioxide helps in replacing oxygen which is present in the flames. Some people thought that it works by a cooling property. But that is a myth. It is the most commonly used one out of all, as it’s very quick and leads to less disaster. There are so many companies in the market which manufacture these extinguishers. One can even place an order on the company’s website and prevent any damage in case of emergency. If you are not sure about its use, then you can read the manual provided with it. Keep them away from children, as they can try to use it in your absence. But make sure you buy one of these cylinders to protect not only your family, but others also who are living around you.

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