Acupuncture and herbal Chinese medicine have today been appreciated as effective methods for regulating hormones imbalance in menopause. There are many factors related to hormonal imbalance apart from menopause. These may include irregular heavy and painful periods, PMS and fertility challenges. These imbalances may be caused by a number of factors. Lack of physical exercise, exposure to harsh elements like heat or cold, inadequate rest emotional stress and a poor diet are some contributory factors.,Balancing hormones in menopause with acupuncture,Traditional Chinese medicine believes that we posses an important life force called Qi. This force circulates through our bodies through channels that are similar to the way blood flows through the veins. These channels are invisible however, they are central to a persons well being. When these channels are blocked, they cause illnesses including hormonal imbalance in menopause. Hormonal imbalance in menopause can be very uncomfortable and acupuncture has become a preferred treatment option for many women today. It helps in nerve, connective tissues, and muscle stimulation. This stimulation on the other hand results in increased and effective blood flow to all areas of the body.,Benefits of acupuncture,Acupuncture is not only a natural Chinese treatment method but also a great pain reliever and widely used to treat other ailments. In spite of the fact that it uses needles, the procedure is painless using hair thin needles. It helps women suppress mood swings, night sweats, and hot flashes which cause discomfort in menopause. Unlike other menopause treatments, this Chinese treatment does not have side effects.,It is also great for treating other gynecological obstetric conditions like heavy irregular and painful periods, fertility conditions, and PMS challenges. These are corrected with acupuncture as a stand alone treatment or combined with other Chinese medicine treatments. This treatment success is greatly accelerated by changes in lifestyle like an exercise regime and a good diet.,In relation to the female hormonal system, acupuncture channels connect the kidneys with the uterus, the brain, and heart restoring health and balance. It also influences the thought patterns, emotions, and the overall hormonal function. It manipulates the production and circulation of hormones within the body, and also has an effect on endorphins which link largely to hormones that affect ones mood during our different life cycles like menopause and pregnancy. In hormonal imbalance treatment, it is used along with herbal treatments to enhance each others results.,Treating other medical conditions,Acupuncture is widely used to balance hormones. However, there are many other conditions like chronic back pain that are treated with Chinese medicine. It is used for non surgical pain relief of spinal stenosis which is pain in the neck and back. For couples who are having fertility challenges it has also proven to be very helpful. It works by improving blood circulation in the ovaries and the uterus. However it does not work for all infertility disorders, for example some like blocked tubes require surgical treatment. Many women are known to gain weight in menopause. Acupuncture is helpful in balancing hormones and consequent weight loss through increased metabolism in menopause.

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