Chin liposuction surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps treat double chins, jowl-like chins and sagging that are caused by stubborn fat deposits around the chin and upper area of the neck. Using suction, the procedure removes excess fat, resulting in a younger looking, contoured face. With advanced technology, these procedures are performed with minimal invasion where very small incisions are made, so that the jaw heals quickly after treatment.,What happens during chin liposuction surgery?,There are several liposuction techniques including the tumescent, ultrasound assisted, laser assisted and super wet. The most common procedure used in this liposuction surgery is the tumescent method where the area is numbed with a local anesthetic. Small incisions are made in the chin and under the ears. With the tumescence technique, the skin and tissue are raised to make way for the thin cannula which dissolves and sucks out the excess fat. Since this is an outpatient procedure, the patient can go home after a few hours.,After the surgery, the doctor may advise wearing a special garment that compresses the area that has been treated. The surgery is safe and allows you to return to work within the week. Results are visible when the swelling from the surgery subsides in a few days. Some mild discomfort may be experienced along with some swelling. But this usually goes away after about a week. If necessary, the surgeon applies a stitch to close the incision and may also prescribe pain medication.,Why go in for chin liposuction surgery?,This surgery is a simple and safe procedure that takes an hour followed by a quick recovery. It is a fairly affordable procedure. Even though very little fat is sucked out during the procedure, it can make a great difference to the way you look. The surgery, besides removing excess fat, also helps tighten the skin, giving you a youthful look. This liposuction is viewed as a better option than facelifts.,Is chin liposuction surgery for you?,If you are in good health with supple skin and within the prescribed body weight and free from medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and bleeding disorders that could affect the surgery, chin liposuction is for you.,Chin liposuction surgery helps get rid of unsightly fat from under the chin with fewer complications or risks. Some likely issues are dimpling, numbness, scarring and excess sagging. These may require a follow up surgery. As with any type of surgery, there is the possibility of systemic or local infections or an unexpected reaction to the anesthetic.,Even for someone who is not overweight, fat can accumulate under the chin. In such instances, chin liposuction surgery is the best option because exercise cannot get rid of this fat. Get in touch with a reputable cosmetic surgeon to get a better understanding about the risks and benefits of this procedure.

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