Our bodies are a little like machines. If we take care of them well, they are definitely going to serve us for longer than if we neglected them. This means that things such as having a healthy diet and exercising are not to be taken lightly. Reflexology is a form of therapy that offers a lot of benefits without any risks, but the one mistake that you should never make is to sacrifice the basics such as eating well and exercising just because you do reflexology regularly. If you want your health to improve overall, you have to integrate such measures with the reflexology.,Basic preliminaries,In fact, when you go for a session of reflexology, normally the therapist will have a detailed discussion of your lifestyle with you before you start. After this talk, normally the therapist will offer such advise as what to change in your lifestyle to ensure that you live a better life. It’s only after these basic preliminaries that the typical reflexology session starts.,What happens during a reflexology session?,One doesn’t need to take their clothes off to have reflexology. This particular form of therapy concentrates on the arms and legs, so essentially you just to remove your shoes and socks. If you are a man, you may want to loosen your tie as well. For extra comfort, things such as tight stockings and belts should also ideally be removed. You then sit in a modified chair or lie on a couch in the therapists office. One has to do this since it positions you for greater comfort, and also puts your feet in the right position to make it easier for the reflexologist to work on them. After a session of foot relaxation, the therapist will usually massage one foot at a time in a distinctive order. The therapist’s thumbs and fingers work smoothly around your feet utilizing a variety of techniques to encourage flow of energy throughout all the reflexology zones. This also acts to release any blocks and energy imbalances. If the therapists detect a likely energy imbalance, they normally ask you questions to try and find out what might have caused that particular disorder. It is typical for one to feel very relaxed, and one may even fall asleep during the session. After the treatment you will be given some water to drink and an opportunity to rest and orientate yourself.,Overall, reflexology is a very good method of therapy, and anyone can get it. However, one must make sure that they also take care of other basic things such as diet and exercise if they expect to get the most out of it.

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