A lot of women have a problem with belly fat. While the joke goes that women put on weight on their hips and thighs, a lot of fat is gained in the abdominal area. This becomes especially true as women grow older. Thoughts of being thick in the waist and unattractive aside, excess fat in the midsection can cause serious health problems. The risk of heart disease, breast cancer and diabetes are all raised by a large amount of tummy fat. Diet and exercise are how to burn belly fat for women, and this article will tell you how.,Exercises to Help Women Burn Belly Fat,Any increase at all in physical activity will help burn stomach fat for women. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that crunches or sit-ups alone will be enough, however. Cardio workouts that increase your heart rate and metabolism while you move your entire body are more effective. Make brisk walking or jogging a daily habit, taking at least 30 minutes at a time. Joining a dance class will be a fun way for women to burn tummy fat, and there are so many kinds of dance to choose from: you can go for anything from hip-hop to ballroom dance to belly dance.,Strength training will also help women burn belly fat. You might be apprehensive that working with weights will make you buff in a distinctly unfeminine way, but this is not necessarily the case. Strength training will help you build muscle, which will help you burn fat, including that around your belly. So some measure of strength training in combination with a cardio routine will is part of how to burn stomach fat for women.,How to Burn Belly Fat for Women With the Right Diet,All that exercise will be for nothing if you don’t match it with the proper diet. You wouldn’t want to ruin your workout by popping into McDonald’s on the way home from the gym for a quick burger and fries, would you? Healthy eating is important to burning belly fat for women. For women trying to burn stomach fat, increase the uptake of plant-based foods like fruits and whole-grain products. Avoid food rich in saturated fat, such as meat and high-fat dairy products like cheese and butter. You mustn’t cut fats out of your diet entirely, though, otherwise you risk slowing down your metabolism: vegetable oils, fish, and nuts are sources of good fat that you can fall back on.,The manner in which this healthy food is eaten also affects how to burn belly fat for women. Smaller servings eaten three to four hours apart throughout the day will increase your metabolism by keeping it constantly busy. Avoid the desire to binge, as this will lead to a build-up of calories that your body will just store in your gut. Burning belly fat isn’t exactly as easy as pie, but it can be done. Stick to your exercise routine and your diet, and you’ll get there!

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