Today we are being educated about cancer from what we see and hear on television or read in the newspapers and a lot of this information is not true. Unfortunately the decisions we make on our treatments options are based on this information. What we don’t realise is just removing the growths as with our mainstream treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy seldom produces a cure.,1 – Just removing a cancer growth does not stop it from spreading despite what we are told because the growth itself is only a symptom and is not the problem. A cancer growth anywhere in the body is a sign from the body that you are doing something wrong so the only way to overcome the problem is to find the reasons why it first grew.,2 – Cancer in every case is a disease of the whole body and not just where the growth appeared and unless you are treating and correcting the reasons why it grew, it is highly likely to just keep on growing.,3 – All cancers are self caused and are a result of the body’s immune system having been weakened. It’s our wrong food choices and our modern way we are living that is at fault. It is at present mainly a problem in western developed countries and has been steadily increasing over the last 50 years.,4 – The 3 treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy all weaken the immune system and these treatments are profit driven. Natural ways to treat the disease which deal with and correct the reasons why it first appeared are seen as a threat to the profit making ability of the cancer industry. That’s why you won’t be told about them.,5 – Your immune system which keeps us healthy and disease free is the key to successfully heal the body of cancer and there are only natural ways to support it.,6 – If you are still consuming refined sugar everyday then you are feeding your cancer cells. It’s their natural fuel. Refined sugar has also been shown to significantly suppress the immune system. Did your doctor tell you this?,7 – A little exercise is a vital part of any successful cancer treatment because without it your immune system cannot function properly. The immune system needs muscular activity to help it circulate the fluid within this system because it doesn’t have a pump like the heart.,8 – A change with your diet is also essential and if you haven’t changed to a plant based diet you have either been misinformed or foolish. Cancer fighting foods are all alkaline based food which are freshly grown fruit and vegetables that has had minimal interference by man.,9 – We live in a toxic world with the chemicals we are now using and there are thousands of them that do affect us. They are in the homes we live in and the products we use, especially on our hair and skin. Be wary.,10 – Cancer in some cases has another cause and it’s called emotional stress which further weakens the immune system. Examples of this form of stress are the loss of a close family member, a bitter divorce or a business crisis. If this is your problem seek help from a councillor.,No one can patent and profit from natural medicine like you can with chemotherapy and radiation so that is why you won’t be told about natural ways to overcome cancer. Cancer is caused by a depressed immune system so how can it possibly be cured by our mainstream toxic therapies in use today that further weakens this same system.

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