For those of you that want to stop your drinking and end your addictive lifestyle, there are many ways in which you can do so. Many of these ways, however, involve paying money that you may not have. There are rehab programs and AA meetings meant just for this purpose; but, what do you do if you cannot afford these methods? Your addiction may have caused you to squander a lot of money and it may have even cost you your job. Regardless of your financial situation, though, there is help for you. The following will outline some of the ways that you can learn to stop drinking all on your own without needing AA or any other type of professional support.,The first thing that you must possess in order to be a success is a desire to stop drinking. Without that, any method you choose will not be productive. You may not be satisfied with your current means of living and wish for something better for yourself, as many people around you wish for you, as well. You must have a thick skin and a tough desire in order to be able to say no to alcohol. Do not pay attention to those around you that may say it is easier said than done. These individuals only aim to depress you. If someone were to grab your hand and try to push it into fire, you would immediately yell no and mean it with every fiber of your being. This is the same type of fight that is necessary in order to overcome alcohol addiction on your own without needing to attend a meeting or other formal support group.,You then must actually take some form of action. With a strong action, you will begin to make much better decisions that will help lead you to stop drinking alcohol. Many addicts can say that they no longer wish to drink alcohol, but their actions prove otherwise. You must follow that desire to quit with actions that will lead you in that direction. Everyone around you will be able to look at you and know that you are sincere in your desire to stop. One of the many correct actions that you must take is to shun alcoholic drinks in all forms. This may mean that you will have to announce your plans aloud to people around you so that they will not offer you drinks and possibly break your willpower. You will also need to rid your home and workplace of all bottles of alcohol that may be left so that there is not that weighing on your mind, as well.,Finally, many people that stop drinking quickly go back to it because they do not find activities to keep their minds off of the alcohol. Filling up your days with things such as work, games, and household responsibilities can help you keep your mind off of drinking. The activities that you choose will have to envelop your entire mind in such a way that it keeps the desire to drink far away for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, you will also have to rid yourself of the friends that you used to drink with, as if they are not ready to quit they will only pull you down and mock you for wanting to. Search for meetings that you can attend that are put together by churches or other organizations that do not charge you to attend. Learning how to stop drinking will be a lifelong struggle if you do not take the appropriate measures now.

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