As the price of the hair lace wigs is much more than synthetic ones, ladies still tend to choose this natural type. This is a fact, and this is why most of the stores sell human lace wigs. With the development of this industry, the market has matured and there are many different types of hair. So you still have many choices.,Hair which is most used is almost Asian and Indian hair. European hair is the most expensive among them because it’s difficult to process and normally they are finer in texture. You do not to try re-styling them. Asian and Indian hair is more popular. They can be colored and styled as we want. No matter what you choose, the one which most closely our own hair (texture, color…) should be the most appropriate option.,Also, see another two different types of product- processed and virgin hair. Processed hair often has lost cuticle, on the contrary, virgin is the type which has never been processing (colored, heated…). That means the cuticle of our natural hair is still remain, cuticle is an element that can protect our hair against environmental damage and last long. So, virgin hair is the one which is more expensive than processed hair.,Well, after the human hair for lace wigs, let us start a new topic, hair cap. Do not slight it, you know, actually it is a big part of lace wigs and has great influence over wig’s ability to deceive. As we all know, there are both full lace wigs and lace front wigs, the caps for them all need to be custom to fix the wigs and look more natural. So also be careful to choose a perfect lace cap.,It’s really something exciting to go shopping for this excellent fashion product. Of course you need to be caution, try to feel its texture. You should examine it for a good look. Sometimes, we would forget the real thing when we pursue brand blindly. As for a fresh, try more as you can, you should know the most appropriate for your face shape, go to visit your local wig stores first, and do not buy a cheap one online at the first time without feel this product. You will get some guide from the local supplier, this is the most precious thing for you. You know lace wigs always cost several hundreds of dollars, they deserve your caution.,There are two good places for shopping, go down the local and go on line. As mentioned before, if you are use wigs first time, visit first to local, wig shops or beauty stores, or any wig things, process a research and ask the professionals whatever you want to know about them. And for the fashion leaders, on-line stores are really good choice, there are many styles, types and colors, and the most important, even stolen price! It will save more time for most ladies who wear lace wigs. Always, full lace wigs are more expensive than lace front. Full lace wigs have a more natural look, even spend much, they are still popular. This fact can mean nothing, lace front wigs are also have its market. Front lace wigs is a great option for ladies who want to have a budget.

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