To beat cancer you need to understand it which is not difficult with the information available today. People who fear cancer are those that are ignorant about its causes and why it has suddenly appeared so they have to put their faith in our medical system which is our doctors and specialists. Cancer can be beaten but only with knowledge and by making some important changes so earn here what your doctor isn’t telling you.,We have made little progress with the treatments of cancer because 50 years ago there was only a 3 percent survival rate whereas today there is still only a 3 percent chance you will survive, nothing has changed. Everyday 20,000 people world wide die of cancer which equates to nearly 8 million people a year. The reason being is because we don’t have a cure for the problem but only expensive toxic treatments which focuses on removing growths which seldom solves the problem.,Surviving cancer doesn’t mean just removing the growths; it means treating the person themselves and correcting the reasons why it first appeared. Doctors today are only trying to eliminate cancer but if removing it were the solution, then the number of people being cured would be much higher and we all know it is not,,There is only one way to successfully win with cancer and that is to remove the reasons why it first grew and use the body’s own capacity to heal itself which it will do. It is only a modern day problem and mainly in the developed world so it’s not difficult to find the reasons why it is occurring. All cancers develop because of an immune system that wasn’t functioning properly so common sense should tell you that it needs to be strengthened.,Understanding cancer is learning about its causes and the food we put in our mouth is the most important one. The reasons why there is so much cancer now is because our food has changed over the last few years and today it is mainly processed. Food is supposed to come from the ground and it should be fresh and not in a tin or a packet. What we are eating today is food that has lost its nutritional value because of its processing and storage.,Another factor that needs to be addressed to assist the body in healing is a little exercise everyday because that will help stimulate the immune system. You cannot get cancer unless something has gone wrong with your immune system and didn’t stop cancer cells from developing. Exercise is vital because this self repair system which we all have can only function properly with the help of muscular activity. Any form of exercise is beneficial, just walking is fine.,You also need to be aware of the harm that’s being caused by our overuse of chemicals which are detrimental to our health. We are under the greatest environmental assault in the history of mankind because of the thousands of chemicals we use, even in our own homes. We use them with gay abandon and these include personal care products which are applied directly to our skin. Remember that anything that’s applied to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream.,Understanding cancer and getting to the root cause of the problem makes much more sense than using treatments that further weakens the immune system. When you understand cancer and make changes, your body will stop growing cancer and start healing itself. It works for everybody.

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