Sugar may be sweet to the tongue, but an excessive amount of it is toxic for the body that processed sugar is currently being linked to cancer and other different ailments. Analysis links sugar to the increasing obesity cases within the United States. As what Dr. Robert Lustig said, sugar is toxic and addictive that it is slowly killing us by increasing the danger of heart ailments, Type II diabetes, cancer and hypertension.,Does it mean that sugar must be banned from our meals, snacks, and desserts? Not essentially, though. If taken sparsely, sugar isn’t that harmful. Rather, it’s a building block for creating carbohydrates. Glucose is important to power our body because it produces energy that keeps us moving and powers our brain.,However, because the cases of diabetes patients continue to rise by the day within the US, sugar is increasingly being seen as the culprit and voices demanding sugar-free diets are getting loud. Consumption of excessive amount of sugar throughout pregnancy raises the danger of gestational diabetes that poses a threat to the fetus’ ability to manage blood sugar normally.,True, an excessive amount of sugar is toxic. Tom Nikkola, Nutrition and Weight Management director at Lifestyle Fitness, compares sugar with medicine, saying it will have negative effects on our metabolism, so much like drug or poison.,The Dietary Guidelines recommend eating sugar in moderation. Every gram of sugar contributes four calories to the human body. Consumption of an excessive amount of sugar leads to overproduction of insulin, resulting to conversion of glucose to fat for storage for later use. This may additionally cause chronic inflammation, leading to predicament in several organs. Furthermore, an excessive amount of sugar consumption lowers healthy cholesterol levels at the same time raising triglycerides that risk inflicting heart ailments. Sugar is additionally blamed for increasing nutrient deficiency of the body.,Stevia: Sweet Alternative to Sugar for Diabetics,So, what’s the solution? Well, lowering the consumption of sugar and replacing them with natural sweeteners, like Steviva Brands, Steviva mix, Fructevia or stevia extract powder may be seen as an answer for those who realize it onerous enough to live without sweets. At Steviva Brands Inc, we are dedicated to manufacturing a gluten-free, GMO free, allergen-free sweeteners that are safe for diabetics and facilitate the safety of their well-being. Derived from naturally occurring substances, natural sweeteners aren’t solely tastier. They are also healthier and diabetic friendly as they add no calories to your diet.,Natural sweeteners created by Trinity Hill Farms could also be a decent alternative to sugar if you have diabetes, since these aren’t carbohydrates and don’t raise blood sugar levels and are therefore an ideal savory addition to your diabetic diet. FDA has approved Stevia products which don’t have any added sugar or artificial flavors usually recognized as safe substances for diabetics. Stevia could be a sweet herb, a lot sweeter than sugar. Being calorie free, Stevia is right for diabetics and children and doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to shoot up.

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