How many of us know that a good mane can get you what you want. From scoring an amazing boyfriend to a great job, hair power never ceases to amaze. In this scenario, healthy hair secrets take on a new importance. To quote renowned anthropologist Grant McCracken, PhD, “When a woman changes her hair, she can instantly alter the way she’s perceived by the world.” Naturally, every woman is always looking on for some of the best beauty secrets.,As an individual, your style depends largely on the appearance of your hair. Hair that looks awkward and unkempt can ruin your job interview or sour a date, planned days in advance. On the contrary if your hairs are beautiful, it can radically boost your appearance giving your confidence and confidence. Here are some healthy hair secrets to get amazing hair:,• Trying to get that natural wavy hair look? Spray some sea salt solution on your hair. For this blend sea salt and water in a spray bottle and squirt it on wet hair. It really helps in producing a wavy hair pattern. It is one of the lesser known healthy hair secrets.,• The way your hair look can be completely changed by applying color to them. A number of hair color products can be sourced from the markets that can change the texture and looks of your hair. Select a hair color that goes well with your skin tone. It never hurts to consult available hair professional before you decide on a product.,• As one of the key healthy hair secrets, it always pays to keep a MOISTURIZER!!! It could be the hair oil which your grandma recommended or any other branded product. The real thing to know is that a hair moisturizer does everything from growing long strands and keeping the scalp and hair moist and free from dandruff. What you get in return is a mane that is luxuriously silky and soft. This could be one of the best beauty secrets you can zealously keep.,• There are a number of fashion magazines that are regularly featuring columns on healthy hair secrets. As a latest trend in the feminine grooming circles, more and more women are opting layer cutting to get a stylish and younger look. In fact, there is a huge spike in the demand for layer cutting style.,• One of the best beauty secrets which most of us know about is to reduce or maybe avoid daily shampooing of hair. It eats up the moisture of the hair and hair tends to become rough and dry. Simply minimizing use of shampoo can take you nearer your goal of having those great looking locks.

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