,..clearing the confusion on HFCS and crystalline fructose,The continuous attack on sugar has currently shifted to fructose. University of California, San Francisco professor Dr. Robert H. Lustig recently gave a lecture on behalf of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and ignited the fire and people’s passion concerning protecting what goes into their mouth.,Dr. Lustig, a medical doctor who teaches pediatrics and an obesity specialist of the Endocrinology Department at U of C. He has seen the effects of a diet containing high sugar levels. He warns that fructose can be related to obesity, diabetes, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.,After you take it, fructose is processed by the liver. It’s not a sugar that’s utilized by other cells within the body. For instance, the brain needs glucose not fructose to perform optimally. Thus, the higher your fructose intake, the more you get the liver to work to break down the fructose, releasing triglycerides, free radicals and even uric acid.,Lustig is not the only one who is questioning the intake of fructose. He and his colleagues are asking the question of what proportion of fructose will the body handle at any one time, and the answer is also unknown at this point.,They may be asking the incorrect question.,Instead, the question could be what’s the distinction between high fructose corn syrup that’s in all sorts of foods and beverages on the market and non-GMO, crystalline fructose employed in cooking? Why couldn’t there be an enormous distinction in how the two act within the body?,Surprisingly to some, high fructose corn syrup is merely ten percent fructose. If one thing is merely ten percent fructose, isn’t it possible that the opposite ninety percent of it is responsible for different health issues? And what if the fructose was a GMO-free, corn-free crystalline fructose?,One of the newest styles of sugar replacement merchandise is crystalline fructose that’s GMO-free and corn free from Steviva Brands, Inc. referred to as Fructevia. It’s a proprietary mix of crystalline fructose, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), rebaudioside A from stevia extract and magnesium carbonate. And it acts a lot more completely different compared to the high fructose corn syrup on the market that’s the villain in those health problems mentioned previously.,For example, the Glycemic index is twenty, a lot less than normal table sugar. In fact, Fructevia sweetener comes up lower on the Glycemic index than some organic fruits. One full ounce of the pure natural fructose ingredient in Fructevia raises the blood sugar level one-third that of sucrose, and raises the insulin levels one-third as high as sugar, too.,It’s employed in cooking, baking and flavor masking. With three calories per serving, diabetics and low Glycemic dieters don’t have to be compelled to be troubled concerning its use. And it tastes like sugar.,What we have learned in nutrition over the years is that fats shouldn’t be lumped along within the same class. All cholesterol types – LDL, HDL, and VLDL shouldn’t be lumped along with the same class. And perhaps currently we are learning that each fructose merchandise doesn’t seem to be identical either. Simply as there’s an enormous distinction between ‘natural’ meats and commercially raised meats, there might even be an enormous distinction between industrial fructose and the natural fructose found in Fructevia.,What if the natural fructose was better? Would you have tossed the baby out with the bath water?,The truth is that Fructevia might doubtlessly decrease – not increase sugar intake and facilitate the body to offset the impact of sugar on the blood sugar level with the FOS and Stevia. It’s certainly something worth checking out.

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