Resistance training involves a series of physical activities that may grant enhancement to your physical beauty body-wise, and make it stronger at the same time. It is a type of workout that involves the building and toning up of the muscles, using weights and machines, and also your own weight.,This type of strength or weight training is specifically best suitable for athletes, who need to build up stronger muscles. Along with muscle formation and strengthening, resistance training gives a good muscle tone, which adds to the physical appeal of the body.,Elderly people may also indulge themselves in resistance training. They may use the moderate-intensity seated machine or free-weights resistance training. However, a doctor should be consulted before committing yourself to such a workout program, so that he may warn you for any risks of adverse effects of the training on your body.,The training involves equipment like the bench press, dumbbell, or barbell, in which the weight of the body is used against the weight, thereby making changes to the muscles involved in doing so. The nerve and muscle changes add to the toning of the body. Not all weights are suitable for all body types. Each body is different, acquiring different machinery for workouts. Workouts can be carried out without machines too, for example, doing push-ups.,Benefits of Resistance Training,There are many advantages that can be attained through resistance training. Here is a briefing of a few of them:,• Aids in bone remodeling – the bone minerals are always breaking down and being built-up. Changes in the body occur with time, and the bones may not be as active as in the young years. If the body does not produce adequate hormones for bone development, the next best thing to do for strengthening them is physical exercise. Resistance training may help in bone tissue development, and is especially beneficial for menopausal women, whose bones are weakened during this period.,• Strength – the strength of the body is increased with the help of resistance training.,• Activity – the number of activities that a body can carry out are increased by stamina development. By increasing the stamina through resistance training, one can have a more active lifestyle and get rid of the sedentary style of living.,• Benefits to the heart – the heart needs physical activity to remain in a healthy condition. By resistance training, you are providing nourishment to the heart, making it stronger, and reducing risks of heart-related ailments such as high blood pressure.,The resistance training program is beneficial for the young and the elderly alike. It has to be undertaken on a regular basis for best results, and you have to be fully committed to it to gain its benefits.

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