If you are reading this article you or someone you know has probably considered starving themselves to lose weight. Well, I’m so glad you stumbled upon my article, because I know once you finish reading it, you will be informed and can then make the right decision for your life. However, no matter how fast you think you need to lose weight, your body must have food to survive!,What you have to understand is your body depends on the nutrients in the food that you eat in order to be able to function properly. If you don’t give your body the food that it needs, it can’t burn calories. This is dangerous, because when it can’t get the food that it needs to burn calories, it converts into glucose and then looks other places. And one of the main places it looks, is to your amino acids which comes from your muscles. So now the so-called weight that you think you are losing, is not fat, but muscle!,Sounds like the opposite of what you are trying to achieve, right? This is why many people usually crash on the quick result diets. You must give your body the food that it needs! And if you are still thinking that the best way to lose weight is starving yourself, you may won’t to ask yourself is it the safest way? It’s important to know that having enough muscle in your body is very important to having a good metabolism.,Another thing you have to deal with if you still choose to go this route, is fatigue. When you don’t have the correct amount of muscle you need in order for your body to function properly, it makes you feel extremely tired fast! Because your body is then forced to work much harder then usual. There are simple ways to lose weight fast. You just have to do your research and find them.,You must remember that you don’t become overweight only because you eat. It’s because you are taking more calories in then you are burning. When you don’t give your body the correct amount of food that it needs, it will than go into starvation mode! Your body will then start saving all the calories that it can. It will only burn enough calories to survive.,This will then caused your metabolism to go so low, that it will totally become impossible for you to lose any weight at all! Again it sounds like you are going into the wrong direction, right? You will end up very tired and without any strength at all. So I’m sure you can see that exercise, that you really need to include, would be out of the question! You can lose weight in one week or you can lose weight in two weeks, you just have to eat right and make sure you watch your calories intake.,In conclusion, no amount of weight loss is worth putting your health in danger by starving yourself! Eating well balanced meals and exercising, will always be the diet formula to lose weight. There are no magic tricks! Plan out your meal plans to lose weight and stick to it. It works every time without a doubt.

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