Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture has existed for thousands of years as a natural medicine practice. Cosmetic applications began to hit the headlines in more recent years as a natural way to help minimise the look of wrinkles and fine lines, and help return a more radiant tone. There are always many highly personal reasons why patients might choose to try Traditional Chinese Medicine. For Cosmetic Acupuncture, as well as individual choice, there are some common reasons patients have told me that they’ve chosen to try it.,Botox, dermal fillers or other types of injected facial therapies against wrinkles and fine lines introduce new drugs or chemicals directly under the skin. There are also some methods like the so-called Chemical Peel, or Retinol creams which use topical creams or masks to achieve their effects. Instead, this natural medicine uses the body’s own ability to regulate its Qi. There is nothing ‘added’ to the body, and there’s no abrasive component.,The essential contours and natural look of the face do not radically change as can be the case with other therapies. There is no ‘new’ alteration to the features, as in certain Cosmetic Surgery procedures. There are also no permanent foreign bodies placed under the skin. Instead the aim is to encourage the Qi of the face and neck to optimal health, bringing about a natural lifting as a proportionate effect in line with the patient’s own ability to regain more radiance. In other words, the results should look entirely natural.,Typical advice with regard to creams would be to be wary of any extravagant claims of ‘miracle cures’ for ‘instant’ effects on wrinkles and fine lines. Instead, you would simply be encouraged to use toiletries and cosmetics which are as natural as possible whenever you can.,Since Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body and mind from a holistic perspective, it follows that a session using Cosmetic and TCM techniques can also apply itself to your overall well being. This means that patients may report multiple benefits, for example, feeling more relaxed, better sleep and so on.,It is not a question of needing to join a belief system or faith to see the benefits; the effects are not reliant on psychologically ‘signing up’ to a new philosophy!,Operations and the more invasive or extensively reddening or bruising procedures obviously all require time off work for recovery. Instead, as with many types of natural medicine interventions, you can return to work more or less immediately after your session. Many people find them deeply relaxing, so you may prefer to time your appointment for when you can go home afterwards and simply switch off instead.,Many people worry about wrinkles and fine lines as they get older – or even when they are still young. One of the most important things is to simply feel good about yourself. It may be unhelpful to focus entirely on your skin’s ‘imperfections’ or to see things as your face ‘going wrong’ – we are all only flesh and blood! You should feel that your practitioner listens to your unique concerns about your skin, and fully respects and respond to them. At the same time, it’s important to feel encouraged, to value yourself, to look after yourself and enjoy life as much as possible rather than feeling pushed into focusing on any harsh or unhelpful ‘negative appraisals’.

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