It is the simple truth that most people who want to get into shape will be trying to figure how to burn belly fat. Many have taken advantage of this desire to trim off love handles and pot bellies. Custom diets and exercise programs and products that claim to target the midsection are a dime a dozen, and these range from the patently ridiculous to the highly effective. You don’t need gimmicks to burn belly fat.,How to Burn Belly Fat with Proper Diet and Exercise,It may sound like old advice, but the best way to go about burning belly fat is through a combination of proper diet and exercise. You can start by removing refined sugar and flour from your diet as these are to blame for a lot of the fat that builds up in your midsection. Go for high-fiber, whole-wheat carbohydrates instead, in combination with low-fat protein and fresh fruits and vegetables. And don’t cut fat out entirely as this will cause more harm than good. Zero fat intake will result in cravings and hormone imbalances. Choose unsaturated fats, like fish and plant oils, and you should be okay.,As to exercise, crunches alone are not how to burn stomach fat. If you do several dozen crunches a day, you will succeed in strengthening your stomach muscles, but you won’t lose the fat, and will end up with strong abs hidden under a flabby tummy. A flat, trim tummy is the result of working more than just one group of muscles. Go for a good cardiovascular workout that will keep your heart rate up for twenty to thirty minutes a day while working and burning fat from your entire body. Try walking, running, swimming, cycling, or aerobics to lose stomach fat.,Burn Belly Fat with a Healthy Mindset and Positive Attitude,As important as diet and exercise are, it is equally important to keep yourself happy while you work on how to lose stomach fat. Stressing over your tummy and how much fat you may or may not be losing will only induce your body to hold onto its fat stores. While keeping track of your progress is a good thing, obsessing over inches is not how to go about burning belly fat. Don’t look at it as a chore! Choose exercise routines that you enjoy. And healthy food most certainly doesn’t mean bland, cardboard-tasting fare: there are lots of recipes for healthy, tasty meals that you’ll love.,It will also help to set realistic goals when you set out to lose belly fat. Aiming for Beyonce’s body or Ryan Reynolds’ abs at the outset might only get you down in the long run. Remember, learning how to burn stomach fat isn’t just about getting good looks fast, it’s also about health. So don’t be discouraged and keep at it. At the earliest, you’ll start to see results after a few weeks. Burning belly fat takes patience and determination, but your effort will be well worth it.

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