How They Work,Invisible braces use a modern method to straighten your teeth. The aligners created are custom made to fit your individual bite. They are made from plastic, which is smooth, and make them comfortable to wear, and clear, so that they can hardly be seen. They realign your teeth gradually and gently as opposed to traditional methods, which require wires to be tightened. Instead, every two weeks your orthodontist supplies you with a new set of aligners to wear. This treatment continues until your teeth are straightened.,Benefits,There are a number of benefits to choosing invisible braces:,Treatments,An orthodontist Tampa will suggest invisible braces for a number of reasons:,More Information,For more information concerning Invisalign, it is worth visiting your Orthodontist Tampa. They will be able to tell you if this treatment is suitable. Besides braces, they can provide help and assistance with porcelain crowns and teeth whitening as well.,Invisible braces are an effective and aesthetic way to straighten your teeth and give you the perfect smile you have always wanted.

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