It is not uncommon for someone, who’s been treated for cancer by our mainstream medical system only to find that their cancer has returned but in some other part of the body. There is a valid reason for this because by just removing a cancer growth doesn’t deal with the reason why it first grew so in the long term, doesn’t solve the problem. It is not difficult to get rid of cancer. The problem is stopping it from coming back.,When cancer is first diagnosed it is classified as primary cancer and nobody has ever died of that. What is serious is secondary cancer and that’s when it has shifted to a new location or metastasised as doctors would say. That’s why it is important to make sure it doesn’t spread to some other part of the body.,How do you do that? All cancers are a result of an immune system that’s been weakened and didn’t control cancer cells as they appeared. Your immune system is supposed to identify rogue cells and get rid of them. A cancer growth is purely a reminder that you are not living as you are supposed to so common sense should tell you that it’s time to correct the reasons why it first appeared.,Of course we are all ignorant as to why cancer has appeared and even our doctors are not interested in the reasons why. But today cancer is well understood and its causes are known. To heal the body all you need is a little knowledge. What you don’t need is a toxic treatment that damages the body and causes more problems than you already have. Conventional treatments now days are only making a bad situation worse.,There is only one way to stop cancer from spreading and that is to find the reasons why it appeared and remove those reasons. There is no other way. Everybody has a self-healing body and we know this because when we cut or bruise ourselves, the body will mend it, or if we get an infection it will correct that as well. We all have an immune system and this system is in place to maintain our health. So all you have to do is to use it.,The only thing standing between you and the successful outcome to cancer is your immune system and it needs to be strengthened, not destroyed with toxic treatments. Our three treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy damage this system. Everybody has cancer cells in their body at times and when the immune system is working properly they are held in check. So common sense should tell you to look after this system.,There is seldom a single cause to cancer and for most people the major cause is a lifetime of a diet of processed food including junk food because most this dead food has arrived in our supermarkets via a factory. Other lifestyle changes which are important are some exercise because the cells of the body need oxygen and the most efficient way to get it is through exercise. Oxygen is the natural foe of cancer cells.,Despite what we are told, just removing a growth does not cure cancer and we all know someone who’s died following treatment by our mainstream medicine. A much more sensible way is to treat the root cause of the problem.,For someone facing cancer it is your life at stake, not your doctors. So it’s up to you to take control of your health. If you can eat food in its natural state and make other simple changes then you can beat cancer.

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