If you’re considering a high-end drug rehab facility, thinking that it is somehow superior in treatment methods to the majority of drug and alcohol treatment facilities, you should know the truth about these expensive drug rehab facilities and about holistic drug rehab.,All traditional rehabilitation centers, including high-end drug rehab, are based on two principles, the disease theory and Twelve Step programs. These are the pillars of conventional drug addiction treatment. Unfortunately, they do not work for the overwhelming majority of people.,High-end drug rehab centers are more luxurious than community drug rehab centers and less prestigious private rehab centers. If luxury could cure addiction the way holistic drug rehab can, then these pricey drug rehabilitation clinics would be a bargain at any price.,Unfortunately, even high-end drug rehab centers claim that there is no cure for addiction. In this they are no different from other treatment facilities. Although they may have more illustrious staff and provide more comforts, paying for a high-end facility does not guarantee a cure. It actually guarantees the absence of a cure.,Traditional drug rehab facilities believe that addiction to drugs or alcohol is an incurable disease, that it can only be controlled. This control takes the form of attending weekly or even daily Twelve Step meetings for the rest of one’s life, and remaining forever a “recovering” addict.,The most disturbing aspect of this form of treatment is the insistence on powerlessness. Twelve Step programs are based on the idea of the recovering addict’s “powerlessness” over the “disease” and over life. This form of recovery has a 3-5% success rate, for obvious reasons.,The “incurable disease” model of drug rehab differs from holistic drug rehab in many ways.,The first is that holistic drug rehab does cure addiction. The most important element in effecting this cure is believing that it is possible. If you are certain that addiction cannot be cured, you will never find the cure. Holistic drug addiction rehab centers begin from the idea that addiction is not a disease, it is a disorder of the mind, body and spirit. A disorder can be cured by restoring order.,Both high-end drug rehab centers and holistic drug rehab centers recognize the importance of detox in recovery from addiction.,The difference is that traditional drug rehabilitation centers use drugs for detox. Methadone, a highly addictive and dangerous drug, remains the drug of choice for heroin detox, while suboxone, equally addictive and dangerous, serves as a detox drug for opiate addiction. If using drugs to remove drugs from the body sounds a little crazy, you are starting to get the idea. High-end drug rehab and other traditional drug rehab clinics do not believe in natural cures. They work strictly on the medical model.,This is where the holistic drug rehab centers create a cure that traditional, even high-end drug rehab programs cannot bring about.,Holistic drug rehab programs being with detox, just like the medically-based programs. But holistic treatment involves no medication, has no side effects, and is a true detoxification. Using the Ibogaine program for detoxification, holistic drug addiction treatment removes not only the drugs, but also other toxins, from the body. This cleansing process prepares the body and the brain for a complete program of healing and a cure from addiction.,Holistic addiction treatment involves working to heal the mind, body and spirit and create a new person who is not addicted to drugs. This occurs by detoxifying the body, creating a mindset shift that literally changes the mind by changing the thoughts, and restoring the spirit and soul.,Starting from the position that there is no cure, traditional high-end drug rehab must use the medical and Twelve Steps approaches. If addiction is an incurable disease and if alternative treatment methods such as Ibogaine are not an option, it is obvious that the only option is to “manage the disease.” The accepted methods of managing the addiction “disease,” for the past 75 years, have been drugs (referred to as medications) and Twelve Step programs.,There is a serious issue with this use of the same methods for several decades, in spite of their failure to cure drug and alcohol addiction. AA members are fond of two sayings: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got,” and “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”,High-end drug rehab centers continue to do what they always did. If they expected different results, this behavior would be sad. However, they continue doing the same thing over and over again, expecting the same results. Considering the abysmal results that traditional treatment centers currently get from their treatments, an addict might make an observation something like this: “And I’M supposed to be the crazy one?”

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