Yeast infection is a real sickness that some people suffer. While there are a variety of drugs that the sufferer may consume, these drugs often come with adverse side effects. With that in mind, natural yeast infection remedies are somewhat preferred by these sufferers, because they, being natural, do not cause adverse side effects, and are safer than drugs.,With that in mind, these natural remedies are not too difficult to prepare. As a matter of fact, you can find some of these remedies ready-made for consumption. They can be bought at the supermarket and are most probably a lot cheaper than drugs.,Here are some examples of yeast infection remedies:,Plain Yogurt,Yogurt contains acidophilus, a good bacteria that fights yeast. Please choose plain, unsweetened yogurt though, because you’re going to apply the yogurt onto the affected area. It would not be a good idea to apply fruit yogurt to the affected area at all unless you want to attract ants. One thing to note though is that this method may not work for everyone because yogurt is a dairy product. If you are allergic to dairy products, please do not try this as it may trigger an allergic reaction. Try one of the other yeast infection remedies instead.,Apple Cider Vinegar,This solution is highly effective in getting rid of yeast infection. It may not smell pleasant to some, but it will definitely serve its purpose as a homemade remedy. I recommend that you dilute some apple cider vinegar in water though because applying a concentrated solution may hurt a bit. You can either bath with diluted apple cider vinegar solution or mix it with the liquid in a douche.,Fresh Garlic,Now I know you may be thinking, “Eww yucks! You can’t be serious!” Well, I am. Research has shown that garlic is indeed very effective when it comes to fighting yeast infections. That’s because it has antifungal properties. You could eat the garlic if you’re not too particular about the taste (or having bad breath) but if you don’t want to, you can apply crushed garlic externally to the affected area.,Cranberry Juice,Here’s a more pleasant alternative. Cranberry juice has been known to prevent infections in the urinary tract as it prevents bacteria from sticking to it. More research has shown that cranberry juice can help remove yeast infections, so this is one method which you could try. However, like the yogurt, it is recommended that you consume unsweetened cranberry juice. Drinking it fresh is the best, in my opinion.,These natural yeast infection remedies are simple yet effective. They will not cause the adverse side effects that drugs bring, and they certain will not cost as much as drugs. Give them a try and enjoy the results.

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