With summertime right around the corner more people are going to the gym to get ready for swimwear season. As such, the time is right to share with you some do’s and don’ts while in the gym to make the experience more pleasant for everyone.,Ten Commandments of Gym Etiquette,This is the First Commandment and the most important. Nobody wants to have to wipe someone else’s puddle of sweat off a bench or machine before they use it. There is no excuse for this. Even if your gym does not provide towels and you forget yours, there are normally wipes, or at the very least, paper towels in the restrooms. Speaking of sweating and hygiene –,Hey you, yeah you, using the lat pulldown machine. We can smell you over here at the treadmills. Swipe the pits a few times with some deodorant before you step into the gym, or if you are coming straight from work, pack deodorant in your bag. Your fellow gym members will thank you. On a related note, please do not wear the same workout gear multiple times without washing. It’s not a badge of courage, it’s just nasty. Lastly, splashing cheap perfume or cologne all over you does not help. Actually it can be harmful to those who may have asthma or allergies.,When I am running on the treadmill the last thing I want is for the person next to me to be coughing and sneezing. I go to the gym to get healthy, not to get sick. Not to mention that working out while sick is an easy way to dehydrate and make a bad situation worse.,Look, men and women who work out should be proud of their accomplishments, but sometimes it can get out of hand. I don’t think anyone wants to see a man’s twig and berries popping out to say hello. Wear shorts that cover up that stuff. And for the love of God guys, keep your shirts on when lifting. And ladies, just because you can pull the spandex up over your back side does not mean they fit. Leave a little something to the imagination please. Oh, and one pet peeve. Wearing jeans to work out just isn’t right.,One has to wonder if people who make or take calls during a workout are really concerned about working out or if they just want people to know they have friends. It annoys others and frankly, nobody in the gym cares about the buns you scored last night or the cute guy in your Spanish class. Leave the phone in your bag or locker. If you MUST use your phone, have the courtesy to go to a private area.,You know the person – they do a set of six or seven reps on a bench, then stop to take a drink, then take a call, then do another six reps, then read a magazine article, then strike up a conversation with another squatter, then do six more reps, then fiddle with their iPod to find just the right song, and on and on. Twenty minutes later, they are finally done with one exercise. Note to this person, finish the exercise then you can get up and do whatever your heart desires.,I can’t bench 315 pounds. If you can, good for you. Since you are that strong you should have no problem removing those 45 pound plates when you are finished. And when you return dumbbells to the rack, put them back in the proper order (25 comes after 20, it’s not that hard.).,Look lover boy, the hot chick on the elliptical machine is at the gym to exercise, and is not hoping that you come over and throw game at her. Walking your sweaty self over to her and interrupting her flow is not going to be appreciated. And if a ring is on her finger, the crass level goes up exponentially. If you really want to use the gym as a way to meet women, ask the manager/owner if they have, or would consider, a singles spinning class or a “smoothie Happy Hour” or some other networking activity.,I understand that supersetting may require the use of more than one piece of equipment, and if the gym is empty, OK. However, if you want to do this during busy hours, be prepared to allow other gym patrons to work in with you. Placing towels or other items on a machine to “hold” them while you use other machines is bad form. If you insist on having your own private workspace, your basement is a great place to start.,This final Commandment is for all those people who come to the gym and the entire time they have a look on their face like they are constipated or are about to die. Getting healthy should be fun, not a punishment. To improve your experience, try different classes or work out with a friend.,So there you have it. The Ten Commandments of Gym Etiquette are not rocket science. They are common sense tips to help ensure that everyone gets the most out of their gym time. Good fitness to all!

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