For a little bit of history, Pilates is not a machine nor a diet program and definitely not a trend in fashion. Pilates is a physical regimen which makes people more flexible which In turn makes people have a stronger immunity to sickness. This health benefitting physical regimen was started by Joseph Pilates. He was a performer and a boxer too. During WW1 when Germany occupied England he and other German nationals were put under forced internment. During his stay with fellow prisoners he shared his knowledge of concepts and exercises he has developed for 20 years. After his term finished in that place, he was transferred to another camp and there he became a caregiver and he devised make shift equipments out of springs from bed so patients would still be physically active even if they are laying in bed.,Pilates has become the name of a physical regimen for people who believe in natural way of being healthy and living longer, of course combined with proper food and avoiding poison from chemicals of alcohol and cigarette.,One of the benefits of doing Pilates is, both the abdomen and the muscles at the back are strengthened and become more flexible. The capacity as well as the circulation of the lungs increases. The posture of the person is improved and it has been observed that because of a lot of stretching, a person’s height increase even if they are already adults. This is all because the muscle condition is strengthened through proper breathing. When there is coordination of the body and mind there is always balance that comes out of it and there are positive effects on the person’s attitude too.,Pilates was never a fad specially knowing that it started so long time ago that media was not yet a big part of people’s lives. It has been found out that if a person immaculately follows the Pilates regimen the full benefits will be felt and seen in a shorter period of time compared to other exercises. Pilates is also known to strengthen a person’s immune system and it is all because of the proper breathing that is incorporated while doing the exercise.,Prices range between $10 to $25 and this is for group mat sessions. While $50 to $120 is for one on one sessions and the session is one hour. When choosing a Pilates teacher you should consider their competency, experience and knowledge when teaching Pilates. A competent teacher has gone through over 400 hours of training in a certification course. When these three qualifications are incorporated in an instructor you will definitely benefit from what Pilates discipline is all about.

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