People who are afflicted by teenage or adult onset acne have a problem which is frustrating and more and more challenging to remedy. Acne light therapy using high power blue light is the next generation in the struggle against bad acne. This high tech remedy makes use of light photo-therapy to manage and treat the underlying causes of acne. Blue light acne therapy uses a high-powered blue light that performs just like professional medical models used in the doctor’s practice. Rather, this kind of compact and lightweight unit is easy to use right in bed or while resting on the sofa.
Blue light acne therapy delivers the future of acne light phototherapy because of the effective and safe natural therapy process. Rather than drying out your sensitive skin using harsh chemicals or harsh antibiotics, the blue light permeates the skin and starves acne-causing germs of much needed oxygen. The acne lamp gives off light in the 405nm to 420nm wavelength range, which has been clinically proven to be efficient at treating light to moderate acne. Your home acne lamp functions as a hands free unit, permitting you to chill out or take a brief snooze as the light does all the work!

The emergence of light therapy units for acne treatment has created an expanding industry, however lots of these devices simply do not work. Blue and red LED treatments, phototherapy devices, and other hand-held goods are commonly underpowered or battery operated. Only a desktop unit permits therapies that are long enough to work. While LEDs work well for professional medical designs, home based use along with consumer units this technology is usually too weak to make a improvement when treating acne.

To get smoother, more radiant, and acne free skin, try the blue light acne therapy and enjoy the results within weeks. Cosmetic dermatologists charge between $75 and $100 per treatment for blue light procedures in office. Most people will need anywhere from 6 to 12 blue light sessions to experience a difference in their acne. This could certainly get very costly, when compared to the $199 retail price of the home acne units.

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